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The Northern CA Chapter of the ABS is now officially dissolved. It was not for lack of interest in bamboo, but so many of us have other activities and obligations that there is little interest among bamboo lovers to become involved in maintaining an organization.


The American Bamboo Society is alive, well, and thriving. You will continue to receive the quarterly BAMBOO Magazine and have member access to the ABS Species List, discounts to attend many ABS national conventions, and access to the members-only Facebook page "ABS Members".


As a former NCC member, your membership in the ABS is good until expiration, and in fact you may contact the ABS Membership Chair to transfer your NCC membership to another chapter if you wish.


We've had a great run for the last 40 years, and it's been fun. I will always fondly remember our meetings in the Bay Area, our spring sales in Golden Gate Park and Foothill College, the ABS conventions we hosted, and the friends made over the years.


- David King

National Events:
- ABS Annual Meeting: October-November 2023, hosted by the Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter of the ABS.

- Arts & Crafts Competitions (with cash prizes): now every year!


International News:

- Every September 18th is World Bamboo Day!

- World Bamboo Congress: Held every few years.




Bamboo importers bring both temperate and tropical bamboos into the USDA Quarantine Station in Beltsville, MD. The American Bamboo Society has in the past underwritten the cost of many of the plants, which are first available at ABS Auctions (check for current year's location)!



INVASIVENESS of BAMBOO -- Position statement fron the ABS in response to town ordinances in some cities, mostly in the Northeast, aimed at limiting or prohibiting the planting of bamboo!




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- Glossary of Bamboo Terms


- Bamboos in the US and where to get them.


- Visit Bamboos in the SF Bay Area.


- Plants which are NOT bamboos!


- Web Links:

--- The American Bamboo Society (ABS) on the web
--- BambooWeb, the ABS interactive companion site

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