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The Americas:


Bamboo of the Americas (BOTA) -- a Special Project of the American Bamboo Society

Bamboo of the Americas is a non-profit conservation action organization established to ensure the sustained viability of native bamboo species throughout the Americas. Native bamboo plants and habitat are disappearing rapidly. A solution is to cooperate with and assist regional botanic gardens and ecological institutions by establishing living and herbarium collections in partner countries.





The European Bamboo Society (EBS) meets every two years, rotating among the member countries.















WORLDWIDE Organizations ---


WBO: World Bamboo Organization

The World Bamboo Organization is a diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest = BAMBOO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry surrounding, this common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the environment and economy.



INBAR: The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan

INBAR is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to reducing poverty, conserving the environment and creating fairer trade using bamboo and rattan. INBAR was established in 1997 and represents a growing number of member countries all over the world. Headquarters are in China and there are regional offices in Ghana, Ethiopia, India and Ecuador. INBAR connects a global network of governmental, non-governmental, corporate and community partners in over 50 countries. For more information, go to www.inbar.int.



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