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in the Northern California region


Listed alphabetically by city.






Beautiful Bamboo Poles available -- NEW

We have about 18 poles in very good condition available for landscape or other re-purposed use.
They are about to 12 to 15 feet long (tall) each.
Hoping they can be well-used....
Write to Emily Loeb at emmallo@sbcglobal.net or call (510)599-7575.
(Elmwood/Claremont neighborhood, Berkeley, CA)





Half is PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra -- Black Bamboo and half a green PHYLLOSTACHYS, species not given. Established in ground.

** Email Steve Muehlhauser at Steve@Muehlhauser.com, or call 408-210-9442.





PHYLLOSTACHYS aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' (identified from these pictures -- needs confirmation)

Towery 1Towery 2Towery 3

** Call Mark at 415-613-4210.





Dave Ross, one of the sons of the late NCC stalwart, Rosy Ross Sennett, still has some great bamboos which he would like to give to anyone who can take them away.
= Timber - 32" pot, 25' tall
= Blue Bamboo - 32" pot, 15' tall
Dave's phone number is (916) 715-2827.



San Rafael:


BAMBUSA beecheyana: This clump has been in the ground in San Rafael for about 6 years.
** Call Coral at 415-479-7264.



Santa Cruz:


PHYLLOSTACHYS aurea -- Golden Bamboo (some)

PSEUDOSASA japonica -- Arrow Bamboo (a lot)
PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra -- Black Bamboo (some)
PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra 'Bory' (some)
SASA palmata (a little)
CHIMONOBAMBUSA marmorea (a whole lot)
CHIMONOBAMBUSA quadrangularis -- Squarestem Bamboo (some)

PHYLLOSTACHYS bambusoides 'Castillonis Inversa' - green culm with yellow stripe in sulcus and green leaves (needs confirmation of ID)
Either a PHYLLOSTACHYS bambusoides Slender Crookstem or maybe a PHYLLOSTACHYS aureosulcata variety (needs confirmation of ID)
SINOBAMBUSA - large clump that has some green at top (needs confirmation of ID)
PHYLLOSTACHYS vivax - or something similar (needs confirmation of ID)
** Call Ed at 408-307-5809 or email eburke27@verizon.net.




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