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in the Northern California region


Listed alphabetically by city.






Half is PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra -- Black Bamboo and half a green PHYLLOSTACHYS, species not given. Established in ground.

** Email Steve Muehlhauser at Steve@Muehlhauser.com, or call 408-210-9442.





PHYLLOSTACHYS aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' (identified from these pictures -- needs confirmation)

Towery 1Towery 2Towery 3

** Call Mark at 415-613-4210.





My son, David, who lives in Sacramento is moving and needs to get rid of some great bamboo in a short time. He would like to give it away to anyone who can take it away.
His phone number is (916) 715-2827
= Timber - 32" pot, 25' tall
= Blue Bamboo - 32" pot, 15' tall

Cheers - Rosy Ross Sennett



San Francisco:


Inner Richmond --

PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra -- Black Bamboo, a 3.5 ft. clump that has been cut to the ground -- making it easy to transport.

** Email Susan at susanbwpaints@gmail.com.



San Rafael:


BAMBUSA beecheyana: This clump has been in the ground in San Rafael for about 6 years.
** Call Coral at 415-479-7264.



Santa Cruz:


PHYLLOSTACHYS aurea -- Golden Bamboo (some)

PSEUDOSASA japonica -- Arrow Bamboo (a lot)
PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra -- Black Bamboo (some)
PHYLLOSTACHYS nigra 'Bory' (some)
SASA palmata (a little)
CHIMONOBAMBUSA marmorea (a whole lot)
CHIMONOBAMBUSA quadrangularis -- Squarestem Bamboo (some)

PHYLLOSTACHYS bambusoides 'Castillonis Inversa' - green culm with yellow stripe in sulcus and green leaves (needs confirmation of ID)
Either a PHYLLOSTACHYS bambusoides Slender Crookstem or maybe a PHYLLOSTACHYS aureosulcata variety (needs confirmation of ID)
SINOBAMBUSA - large clump that has some green at top (needs confirmation of ID)
PHYLLOSTACHYS vivax - or something similar (needs confirmation of ID)
** Call Ed at 408-307-5809 or email eburke27@verizon.net.




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